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plant hangers

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Handmade sustainable macramé plant hangers

Getting a macramé plant hanger adds extra space to your home. Houseplants can take up a lot of surface space. Adding a touch of green to your house looks great with any decoration style, and my modern macramé handmade plant hangers complement your interior and the beautiful green hues in your plants' foliage. Having plants around you is excellent for your mental health and the air quality in the house!

Give your plants air and light

However, plant hangers also have other benefits, not just in your interior decoration scheme, but also for the plant itself! When you think about how most of our beloved houseplants live in the wild, it starts to make sense why we work so hard to give them the best conditions. A lot of popular houseplants like philodendron, anthurium, monstera and pothos come from the jungle, where they live amongst trees in sunny and humid climates. They grow where ever they can find a spot that offers light, humidity and a little breeze. The best way to mimic this in your house is giving your plant a view of the sky, air that's not too dry and plenty of ventilation. Suspending them from a ceiling or window sill gets them closer to perfect conditions, because they have air flowing around them and they get a clear line of sight to the sky outside. A plant that's placed nearer the ground or away from a window won't grow very much since it's a natural instinct to grow towards to the sun. So, put your plants in high places!

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