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plant hangers & more

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Sustainable cotton cord in modern macramé

Macramé is a fiber art where we use a set of knots to create patterns. Cotton cord in different sizes, twist counts and ply are generally used. It is an ancient art form that goes back centuries and has had several revivals over time. And that's no surprise, it's such a satisfying activity and looks beautiful in your home.


Handmade and designed with care

My macramé is all designed by me and handmade by me. I love fiber arts and really enjoy using creativity and natural fibers to make plant hangers, keychains, door curtains and more.
Sustainability is very important to me so I use sustainable cotton cord only, which means it is either organic (OEKO-TEX) or even recycled. The inspiration for my collections are my large family of houseplants, art and scenes in nature. My 2022 autumn product range with earthy pink tones and golden  ochre colours is inspired by late summer sunsets.

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