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Ready to start your new hobby on the right foot? This macramé starter pack has everything you need to create your own plant hangers, wall hanging and more. I have combined all my favourite products in this pack so you get the best tools, tried and tested!


The starter pack contains:

  • a 100 meter roll of recycled cotton cord in 4mm
  • a set of pine rings for plant hangers
  • a wooden dowel to make a wall hanger
  • sharp cord scissors, suitable for right or left handed people
  • a set of S hooks in abig size, to hang up your work in progress
  • a tutorial on the most common macramé knots


With these tools and supplies you will be ready to go! Use those big S hooks to hang your work in progress from the back of a chair, a door or even a curtain rod. The hooks are also big enough to use on the dowel.

The 4mm recycled cotton is the best size cord to start with, as thinner cords are more finnicky. 

Use the tutorial where I explain some common knots and then browse my plant hangers for inspiration, so you can design your own plant hanger!

Macramé starter pack


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