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If you love plants with interesting coloured leaves, this Philodendron Hastatum Silver Sword is the plant for you! It has a unique muted blue-ish hue unlike any other plants. It's also one of those funny Philodendrons that likes to grow silly "arms". A great addition to any collection!


  • several sizes available
  • a unique Philodendron with a stunning colour
  • loves a spot near a window
  • grows slow but steady



These Philodendron Silver Sword cuttings are healthy propagations from my own plant. I will ship them to you packed in moss and they fit through the post box.

Philodendron Hastatum Silver Sword

  • When your cutting arrives, place it in water, leca, perlite or spagnum moss. Keep moist and keep in bright indirect light. Once the roots are as long as your index finger, you can transfer your new plant to soil!

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