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Can you tell I love pink? I really do! So the Philodendron Pink Princess is one of my very favourite plants, I have an entire court of Princesses. They're wonderful houseplants. The leaves are a surprise every time a new one comes in, you never know what colours it will have and how much pink. The gift that keeps on giving!


  • cuttings with pink in the petiole so they will grow more pink leaves
  • easy to propagate once you have a full plant
  • excellent for lovers of all things pink
  • both are head cuttings so will grow fast


These Philodendron Pink Princess cuttings are healthy propagations from my own plant. I will ship them to you packed in moss and they fit through the post box.

Philodendron Pink Princess

  • When your cutting arrives, place it in water, leca, perlite or spagnum moss. Keep moist and keep in bright indirect light. Once the roots are as long as your index finger, you can transfer your new plant to soil!

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