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Fast growing and easy to propagate, my Philodendron Red Emerald mother plant has been sharing the love for a few years now! Grab one of these well rooted cuttings and discover this funny colourful plant. As you can see from the biggest cutting, it loves to grow every which way, so you have the option of keeping it as a climbing or a trailing plant.


  • well rooted cuttings
  • one big cutting available and severel smaller ones
  • very fast growing plant, easy to propagate
  • beautiful emeral colour in the stems


These Philodendron Red Emerald cuttings are healthy propagations from my own plant. I will ship them to you packed in moss and they fit through the post box.

Philodendron Red Emerald

  • When your cutting arrives, place it in water, leca, perlite or spagnum moss. Keep moist and keep in bright indirect light. Once the roots are as long as your index finger, you can transfer your new plant to soil!

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